Academy of Magic (Trilogy Set)

  • File resolution: 1800x2700pxs (6×9 inches) at 300dpi. It can be changed upon request.

    Paperback version: $150 for the set

    Audiobook version: $90 for the set

    For any other requested file, please contact me.

    Changes to the actual artwork: additional fees will apply accordlingly.

    BONUS: This set comes with a bonus 3D Boxed Set, 3 bookmarks (one for each book) and a 3D Set Mockup.


    - - -


    To buy this set, please CONTACT ME with the necessary info:

    1) titles of the books

    2) name of the series

    3) your author name

    4) any other requests you may have.


    Note: This cover will be sold ONCE and will only be used by the authorized buyer. It is not a template.

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